AKKO 3087 Cinnamoroll: Cute Keyboard, High Performance

AKKO 3087 Cinnamoroll: Cute Keyboard, High Performance


In an era where personalization and customization reign supreme, the AKKO 3087 Cinnamoroll Keyboard has emerged as the new darling of keyboard enthusiasts, thanks to its unique design and outstanding performance. Today, let's explore what makes this keyboard so charming.

Design Philosophy

The design inspiration behind the AKKO 3087 Cinnamoroll Keyboard stems from the widely beloved cartoon character, Cinnamoroll. Its adorable appearance and playful elements transform this keyboard from a mere input device into a stylish accessory.

Distinctive Features

Keycap Design: Crafted from durable PBT material, the keycaps are not only wear-resistant but also provide a comfortable typing experience. Adorned with Cinnamoroll's patterns, they exude a playful vibe.

Color Palette: With blue and white as the primary hues, complemented by Cinnamoroll's iconic elements, the overall style is warm yet vibrant.

Size: Sporting a 3087-key layout, it retains the functionality of a full-sized keyboard while optimizing the design for a more compact footprint, saving space on your desk.

Performance Highlights

Switch Selection: Offering a variety of switch options to accommodate different typing habits and sound preferences.

RGB Lighting: Featuring a built-in RGB lighting system, users can customize lighting modes and colors according to their preferences, enhancing the user experience.

Customization Software: Equipped with dedicated driver software, users can customize key functions, creating a personalized typing experience.

User Experience

Typing Feel: Whether gaming or typing for extended periods, the AKKO 3087 Cinnamoroll Keyboard delivers stable keypresses and rapid response times.

Multimedia Controls: Equipped with multimedia shortcut keys, making it convenient for users to switch between different scenarios.

Target Audience

Whether you're a personalized office worker or a gaming enthusiast, the AKKO 3087 Cinnamoroll Keyboard caters to your needs. Especially for fans of Cinnamoroll, this keyboard is undoubtedly the perfect choice for both collection and everyday use.


The AKKO 3087 Cinnamoroll Keyboard stands out in the market with its unique design and outstanding performance. It's not just a tool but also a reflection of a lifestyle. If you're in search of a practical yet personality-filled keyboard, then the AKKO 3087 Cinnamoroll Keyboard deserves your attention.

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