Collection: Customize with Your Brand

Customize the Keyboards with Your Brand

Regardless of your business or organization size, customizing your keyboard can be a simple and effective way to reinforce your brand and create a workplace that reflects your culture and values.

You can customize the keycaps, switches, cases, or a combination of these features to get your ideal keyboard. We are fully equipped to cater to all of your specific needs.

1. Product display

We have collaborated with many companies, like the ones below.

Generally speaking, businesses prefer to customize dye-sub PBT keycaps because of their extensive range of color options. It's important to note that PBT keycaps feature excellent oil resistance, and are significantly more durable than ABS keycaps. Legends on dye-sub PBT keycaps will not fade or wear out for decades.

2. MOQ and price 

Our MOQ is 50pcs. If you solely want to customize the keycaps or just replace the keycaps, the price is the same as the retail keyboard plus the price difference of the keycaps. However, the customized keycap price will be higher, somewhere between $20- $50, if the order quantity is small.

3. Contact us

Keychron is committed to producing high-quality keyboards and providing professional services. Please don't hesitate to contact us at  for any ideas or questions. We’re excited about our future collaborations!