Akko Keyboard: Enhancing Your Typing and Gaming Experience

Akko Keyboard: Enhancing Your Typing and Gaming Experience


There was a time when the market witnessed a limited number of mechanical keyboard brands and models. However, in this modern era, the market is home to hundreds of brands providing technologically advanced mechanical keyboard models featuring varied key types, sizes, colors, and ergonomic layouts. One company that rose to the pinnacle of the mechanical and gaming industry is Akko.

AKKO Keyboard competes and surpasses its counterparts with its superior quality and exceptionally good performance. Let’s dive in to learn more about Akko keyboards, the perks of using them, and their unique product offerings.

Akko Keyboard: An Introduction

Akko, a Chinese company, was founded in 2016 to provide gaming peripherals that exponentially emphasize design, pop-cultural imagery, color trends, cultural elements, latest interests, and unique attitudes.

Among varied gaming peripherals, AKKO Keyboard made some noise in the market, helping the firm establish a global presence. The company significantly invests in keyboard research and development to provide a slew of models with improved and optimized functionality, keycaps, and appearance.

Moreover, Akko is one of the leading brands providing the most diverse selections of mechanical keyboard layouts all over the globe. Its keyboard products offer varied size options, including 108-key, 98-key, 100-key, 87-key, 84-key, 68-key, and 61-key arrangements.

Exploring the Perks of Using Akko Keyboards

Among so many brands, you might wonder why to choose Akko keyboards for your extended typing or gaming sessions. This section here outlines the perks of using an AKKO Keyboard:

  • Keyboard varieties

As discussed above, Akko has been recognized as one of the reputed brands offering a huge variety of mechanical keyboard models. The firm believes that everyone's needs vary, and thus, to cater to all users, it provides the widest selection of wired and wireless mechanical keyboard shapes, designs, and sizes. 

Most of the keyboards by Akko feature ANSI and ISO standards, while all are crafted with a variety of keycap profiles, such as OSA, ASA, Cherry, OEM, and ASA-Low.

  • Ergonomic and culturally appealing design

The design of many Akko keyboards is inspired by pop-cultural imagery, making them aesthetically appealing. In addition, these keyboards emphasize ergonomic design that requires less finger pressure for each keystroke, providing users with a comfortable typing experience.

  • Personalization options

Many users look for mechanical keyboards that can be customized as per their style and preference. If you are one of those, AKKO Keyboard is the optimal product. Akko has introduced an array of fully assembled keyboards that you can customize by replacing the keys with different colored or designed keycaps and key switches. 

  • Superior quality components

Akko invests heavily in research and development to push the boundaries and construct mechanical keyboards using superior-quality components that can endure extended typing and gaming sessions. 

Different types of robust materials, such as acrylic, ABS, ultra-durable aluminum, and polycarbonate are used to craft cutting-edge keyboards. Moreover, Akko keyboards are acquainted with exceptional functionality and clever designs, including RGB backlight, macro knobs, adjustable typing angles, and Mac/Win switches.

Uncovering the Best Akko Keyboards

Let’s uncover the trending Akko mechanical keyboards that are winning users’ appreciation all over the world: 

AKKO MU01 Mountain Seclusion Mechanical Keyboard - Cheer Type - Keyboards & Mouse

  1. AKKO MU01 Mountain Seclusion Mechanical Keyboard

Crafted through a dye-sub process with premium quality PBT materials, the AKKO MU01 Mountain Seclusion Mechanical Keyboard features customizable key-switch options for an extraordinary typing experience. 

You can connect this AKKO Keyboard to multiple devices via wired Type-C, Bluetooth 5.0, and multi-host 2.4Ghz modes. In addition, its dynamic backlighting and sleek aesthetics can elevate the style quotient of any setup.

AKKO Ocean Star 3108DS Mechanical Keyboard - Cheer Type - Keyboards & Mouse

  1. AKKO Ocean Star 3108DS Mechanical Keyboard

This stylish & sleek mechanical keyboard is crafted to bring to mind the ocean’s mesmerizing beauty. Featuring customizable key switches and excellent build quality, this mechanical keyboard by Akko delivers a responsive and smooth typing experience.

Moreover, the color palette of the AKKO Ocean Star 3108DS keyboard will help create a soulful ambiance for your setup.

AKKO 3108v2 Dragon Ball Z Frieza Mechanical Keyboard - Cheer Type - Keyboards & Mouse

  1. AKKO 3108v2 Dragon Ball Z Frieza Mechanical Keyboard

This AKKO Keyboard is a dream for any gaming enthusiast who has grown up watching Dragon Ball anime. It combines the OEM Profile PBT dye-sub, Dragon Ball-themed keycaps with premium quality mechanical switches, boosting gamers’ typing experience. 

Moreover, users can connect this mechanical keyboard to multiple devices via the wired Type-C. Its ergonomics, premium build, and incredible design make the keyboard outshine the Akko mechanical keyboard series.

AKKO Doraemon Rainbow Keyboard - Cheertype

  1. AKKO Doraemon Rainbow Keyboard

Are you a Doraemon fan? If so, you can’t miss out on elevating your gaming setup with the AKKO Doraemon Rainbow Keyboard. This uniquely designed mechanical keyboard features a charming combination of everyone’s favorite robotic cat character with vibrant rainbow backlighting, adding a touch of whimsy to your gaming sessions.

In addition, Akko allows users to personalize their keyboard setup by equipping the keyboard with customizable keycaps and programmable macro keys.

AKKO Pochacco Keyboard - Cheer Type - Keyboards & Mouse

  1. AKKO Pochacco Keyboard

Get ready to enter the world of Pochacco, a fictional character created decades back with AKKO Pochacco Keyboard. You can enjoy a smooth, hassle-free typing experience with this mechanical keyboard as it features a hot-swap socket, N-key rollover, and special keys.

Moreover, the Pochacco-themed keyboard is designed with programmable RGB backlit to lighten up your extended gaming sessions. Allowing users to seamlessly switch between 2.4GHz wireless, Type-C, and Bluetooth modes, the keyboard is a convenient and versatile product with which they can connect multiple devices. 

AKKO Tanjirou 5108B Plus Mechanical Keyboard - Cheer Type - Keyboards & Mouse

  1. AKKO Tanjirou 5108B Plus Mechanical Keyboard

It is a must-have product for enjoying a superior typing and stylish typing experience. Crafted with a sleek ergonomic design and premium quality materials, this keyboard is an optimal solution to boost your productivity and gaming performance.

Some attractive features like PBT dye-sub keycaps, multi-mode connectivity, and computability with 3-pin and 5-pin switches increase the functionality quotient of AKKO Tanjirou 5108B Plus keyboard. Moreover, Tanjirou-themed keycaps & customizable RGB backlighting will add charm to your gaming setup.

Conclusion: Taking Your Gaming Experience to a New Height with Akko Keyboards

The world’s leading gaming peripherals manufacturer, Akko, helps users unleash their typing and gaming potential with its technologically advanced, culturally appealing AKKO Keyboard line. These mechanical keyboards meet the diverse needs of global users with their wired and wireless models, ergonomic design, customization options, durable build, varied switches, and remarkable functionality.

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