CIDOO Nebula Mechanical Keyboard

CIDOO Nebula Mechanical Keyboard: A Perfect Space-Saving and Customizable Typing Solution


Do you spend most of your working hours typing, coding, or gaming on a keyboard? If so, you might be looking for a mechanical keyboard that can offer a comfortable, customizable upgrade over the shallow, drab keyboard that you might have received with your computer.

After thorough research and testing, keyboard enthusiasts came across one of the renowned brands offering the world’s fastest mechanical keyboards, i.e., CIDOO.

CIDOO is a group of mechanical keyboard geeks passionate about the development of timeless, customized products that are upgraded constantly. From the vast collection of CIDOO keyboards, the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard has gained a lot of attention.

In this article, you will go through the key specifications and features of the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard.

CIDOO Nebula Mechanical Keyboard: What is it?

The CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard is a versatile product from the CIDOO keyboard collection that’s designed for users striving for a customizable, space-saving, and comfortable typing experience. Now that typing is the core of evaluating any mechanical keyboard, CIDOO meticulously crafted its Nebula keyboard model with gasket-mounted, foamed structure to make typing, gaming, or coding comfortable.

Its 65% layout can help users save a significant amount of desktop space while VIA programmability, hot-swappable switches, and south-facing RGB backlighting increase customization flexibility. Moreover, the inclusion of the CIDOO Carda switch offers users a smooth, linear typing feel.

On the premise of offering a comfortable feel and customizability, the keyboard hasn’t overlooked the lifespan and speed as it’s made of highly durable material and accurately registers each keystroke. 

Specifications of the CIDOO Nebula Mechanical Keyboard

Going through this table will provide you with a quick glance at the key specifications of the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard:




CIDOO Nebula




66 Keys and 1 Knob


Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4GHz, and Type-C Wired


Gasket Mount

Gasket Material




Keycap Material

Dye Sublimation PBT

Case Material

ABS Plastic

Keycap Profile


PCB Thickness


Plate Material


Anti-Ghost Key

NKRO in all modes


CIDOO Carda Switch



Leg Direction


Battery Capacity 



325 x 121 x 40mm



Inside the Box

1 keyboard, 1*2.4G Receiver, 1*USB Cable, and 1 Instruction Manual

Detailed Features of the CIDOO Nebula Mechanical Keyboard

Read on to explore the exceptional features of the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard in detail:

  • Space-Saving 65% Layout

The CIDOO Nebula is a state-of-the-art 65% mechanical keyboard that harmoniously blends form and function, catering to the needs of Mac and Windows users. Furthermore, its 65% design features all essential keys, including alphanumeric, arrow, commonly used modifiers, and a few extra control keys. 

So, if you are short on the desktop space, don’t think twice about buying this CIDOO mechanical keyboard. Although the keyboard features a compact design and, thus, is an ideal device for space-conscious setups, it doesn’t compromise on functionality.

  • Gasket Mounted and Flex-Cut FRA Plate

Are you looking for a mechanical keyboard that can offer unparalleled comfort, acoustic perks, and a tireless typing experience? You will be amazed to know that the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard meets all your requirements.

Utilizing a gasket-mounted structural design along with a flex-cut FRA mounting plate, the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard leads to comfortable typing sessions with reduced sound dampening and fatigue. The gasket material is made of foam and, thus, provides users with a softer feel when hitting the keycaps.

In addition, the flex-cut FRA mounting plate increases the flexibility quotient of each keystroke.

  • Highly Durable Dye-Sub PBT Keycaps

The dye sublimation process and PBT material are used to manufacture the keycaps installed in the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard. These both add a certain level of durability to the keycaps, ensuring the keys don’t fade away anytime soon. 

In addition, the PBT material offers a tactile, textured feel that is made to last for a long time, boosting your keyboard setup’s sophistication quotient.

  • Unlimited Customization with Via-Programmability and Hot-Swappability

With the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard, you don’t have to worry about limited customization options. The keyboard boasts a VIA-programmable feature, which is basically an open-source software that offers an intuitive interface, allowing users to customize the device in real-time without needing any coding knowledge or skills.

Leveraging CIDOO’s VIA-compatible PCB, users can personalize the keyboard at their fingertips by configuring keys, switching to different RGB lighting patterns, creating macros, and revamping the knob’s functions.

Moreover, the hot-swappable feature allows you to swap the Nebula keyboard’s switches to give your device a personalized look and feel. 

  • South-Facing RGB Backlighting for Incredible Aesthetics

Illuminate your typing or gaming sessions with the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard’s south-facing LED RGB backlighting. Masterfully designed to provide a uniform lighting effect, the keyboard’s RGB backlighting enables enhancing your workspace’s ambiance. You can choose from a variety of lighting colors and patterns to add a flair of dynamic effect to your desktop setup. 

  • Smooth Linear Typing with CIDOO Carda Switch

The CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard is equipped with the customizable CIDOO Carda Switch that is pre-lubed for offering a smooth keystroke, liner typing feel, and extended lifespan. Having a spring of 18mm, this linear keyboard switch boasts a durability of 60 million strokes.

  • Maximum Flexibility with Triple Connectivity

Walking in the footsteps of its predecessors, the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard also supports tri-mode connectivity. These connection modes include Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4GHz for wireless connectivity and type-C wired connection for low-latency input. 

By opting for the Bluetooth connection, you don’t need to indulge in cables and, thus, enjoy a clutter-free desk and the freedom to type, code, or play games from a distance. Moreover, the 2.4GHz connection offers a strong and stable connection without needing any wires. 

CIDOO Nebula Mechanical Keyboard: Leverage a Clutter-Free, Customizable, and Visually Appealing Desktop Setup

When looking forward to leveraging a clutter-free and visually appealing desktop setup, look no further than the CIDOO Nebula mechanical keyboard. Offering multiple customizable options and connectivity modes, the keyboard can revamp your workspace with its dynamic RGB backlighting. Moreover, its gasket-mounted structural design and flex-cut FRA mounting plate can offer you a comfortable, fatigue-free, tranquil typing experience.

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