Writers' Block? Get Inspired with a Stunning Pink Keyboard Setup

Writers' Block? Get Inspired with a Stunning Pink Keyboard Setup


Are you a writer, and just like other writers you are too facing the writer’s block issue? Do you often find yourself striking when least expected which leaves you just staring at the blank page? If yes, then you need to overcome this hurdle soon. And it can be achieved just by changing or personalizing your ordinary work environment. If you want to gain back the spark and productivity, then get a pink keyboard and remove your old ones. 

This is the only keyboard which you require to get a break from the writer’s block. It not only adds a touch of color but also boosts the aesthetics and functionality of the space as a whole. You can make your writing passion more enjoyable with just a piece of colored keyboard. This blog will overall explore how a pink keyboard setup will help you stay inspired towards your work. 

Benefits of a pink keyboard setup

Boosting motivation

If you use a pink keyboard, you are not only enhancing the workspace but also creating a motivation to work more constructively. By using the aesthetic piece of keyboard, you can get the motivation to write quickly and promote new ideas generation.

This keyboard will not only add a touch of elegance but also create a positive and inviting atmosphere. When your desk looks good, your mind will always get attracted towards sitting and working more peacefully. 

Enhances the comfort and ergonomics 

Modern keyboards are equipped with various features which are designed to enhance your comfort and ergonomics. When you choose a colorful keyboard for your workspace, you will get a more comfortable and aesthetic layout to write along with adjustable angles and responsive keys. 

With colorful ergonomic keyboards, you will feel less strain on your hands, even if you have worked tirelessly all day long. Hence, even after completion of the work, your mind will always be attracted towards working in this space. 

How to select the right keyboard for your workspace? 

Mechanical vs Membrane keyboards

Keyboards are basically of two types: mechanical and membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are known for their durability, on the other hand, membrane keyboards are known for their affordability. 

Mechanical keyboards often come along with the tactile feedback which writers find satisfying. Hence, it's better to consider your preference and find the right keyboard of your choice. 

Features to look for 

To boost the writing experience, you should look for keyboards which have various features and support numerous functions like backlighting, customizable keys, wireless connectivity, and many more. 

Through these features, it becomes easy and comfortable for you to write smoothly and remove the hustle of desk cluttering. 

Creating the writing setup

Complementary accessories 

To complete your workstation with colorful keyboards, you need to add various other complimentary accessories and elements. You can simply incorporate a designer and colorful mouse, mouse pad, desk organizer, etc to create a cohesive look.

Along with this, just don't forget to put a comfy chair and proper lighting to make your writing space more beautiful. 

Desk organization

If you want to boost your productivity, then consider organizing your desk well. You don't know now what wonders a clutter-free desk can do. Ensure to keep your workstation tidy and organize your writing tool, notebook, and other essentials carefully in a drawer unit. 

Using desk organizers is the best storage solution for the workstations. It keeps everything accessible along with reducing the hassles of finding it. It also makes your mind clear and helps in generating more creative ideas. 

How to maintain your designer keyboard setup?

Keep your keyboard clean 

If you maintain the appearance of your beautiful keyboards, it's crucial to keep them clean regularly. You should clean the keyboard regularly to avoid dust, crumbs, and accumulation between the keys. 

This way your typing speed will not be affected. You can use a soft brush or compressed air to remove the debris present between the keys and wipe down the keyboard surface once done with a microfiber cloth. 

Keep on updating and customizing 

As you continue using the keyboard set in various colors, just don't be afraid to make necessary updates and customizations. You should experiment with the workspace with multiple layouts, accessories, and decor elements which will keep your workspace fresh and inspiring. 

Through this practice, you can be able to maintain your motivation and remove the writer’s block problem as well. 

The Bottom Line

This was all about removing your writer’s block problem with a pink keyboard setup. Using such keyboards will promote a healthy work environment and keep you focused towards your work all day long. 

You can shop for your favorite keyboard from our collection. We at Cheer Type specialize in selling these keyboards at the best and most reliable pricing. You can purchase various variety of accessories to make your workstation a happier place to spend the whole day. Connect with us today. 

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